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I am a Web developer. I can design & develop websites, mobile UI design on latest technologies.
User reviews
Works great, looks amazing. Top notch. Hopefully more devs will catch your spirit of polish.
Fantastic UI. Finally one person knows how to design a good app on Android.
Could not ask for more. Brilliant bit of lit, especially the lock facility.
Excellent. Nice to get an app which does exactly what it says.
Ultra Slick App. This is the most polished of all the level apps out there!!!
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My Intrest
Mission-driven in Web development with a passion for thoughtful UI design, collaboration, and teaching.
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I’ve spent
the past 11+ years working across different areas of digital design; front-end development, email design, marketing site pages, app UI/UX, to my current role designing products for web and mobile platforms.
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I am open for business. Feel free to drop us a line or send your brief.
+91 9677 48 38 28
Chennai, TN IN
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